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Land Reclamation Work

Land Reclamation Work

Amongst the canals created to save the town, one memorable one is the canal that began in Cortellazzo and went through Molinato and Ca’ Fornera. Excavation to create it began in 1440 and ended a century later, supervised by architect Alvise Zuccarini from whom Jesolo took the name of Cavazzuccherina.
During the 17th century work ended on the internal navigation routes and the deviation of the River Sile and Piave, which had positive effects on commerce. It became a municipality through a Napoleonic decree on 22nd December 1807 and a year later the first land reclamation work began. This entered its crucial phase only after 1901. The same works were stopped by the First World War when Cavazzuccherina was part of the defensive line for Italian soldiers after the defeat at Caporetto. Work began once more immediately after the conflict and intensified strongly between 1920 and 1930. Land reclamation also began again after the Second World War when the ground occupied by the Germans flooded.