Giro d’Italia 2023 – Jesolo flying finish line

The legendary Giro d’Italia, now in its 106th edition, passes through the streets of Jesolo.

On the afternoon of 24 May, the pink caravan will cover about 20 km of the Jesolo area. The route enters the city from Via Piave Vecchio and continues through several squares on the Lido. In Piazza Trieste, at 14:45, the advertising caravan will pass, while at 16:00 the athletes will cross the flying finish line.

The race will then continue in the direction of the pine forest, crossing the river Piave before heading towards Caorle, which will be the 17th stage of the Giro.

The crossing of the Piave River takes on special significance, as it coincides with the date on which, back on 24 May 1915, Italian troops crossed the river to reach the front and prepare for the offensive, marking Italy’s official entry into the Great War.

Some changes will be made to the road system during the event. Parking will be prohibited along the route from 24:00 on 23 May until the roads reopen after the passage of the athletes, scheduled for around 17:00. In addition, from 13:30 on 24 May, traffic will be prohibited on all roads along the race route until approximately 17:00. Two-way traffic will be allowed on Via Bafle, between Piazza Brescia and Piazza Marconi, from 13:30 to 17:00. The caravan will pass at approximately 14:45 in Piazza Trieste, where the flying finish line will be positioned.

During the course of the race, the transport service provided by ATVO will undergo some changes. To find out about suspensions and changes, please consult the ATVO-Azienda Trasporti Veneto Orientale website.

Jesolo has already experienced exciting moments with the Giro d’Italia in the past. In 2009 it was the start of the second stage of the cycling race, while in 2015 it was stage number 13 of the ‘Pink Caravan’.

After a few years, the city is once again hosting the most fascinating race in the world, which crosses the entire Italian peninsula on two wheels.

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