Holi – the festival of colours in Jesolo 2023

Get ready to immerse yourself in an explosion of colours and music, because Holi on Tour, the most famous festival of colours, makes its return to Jesolo!

The date is Sunday 13 August 2023, on the beautiful beach of Piazza Brescia, where the atmosphere will become magical to the rhythm of the notes selected by Radio Piterpan.

Welcome to the 2023 “Welcome to the Land of Colour” tour, the liveliest and most colourful event of the summer that is returning to the beach in Jesolo! This party, suitable for all ages, has always sold out in past editions and is preparing to make you dance on the sand like never before!

Get ready for an unforgettable experience where music and colours will merge to create a unique magic that will make you forget all worries and give you moments of pure fun. Smiles, happiness, joy and wild dancing will be the colours that will make every Holi moment perfect, and on the beach in Jesolo it will be even more extraordinary.

Invite your friends and join us, because together we will create new memories that will last forever. This event is an opportunity to unplug, get carried away by the overwhelming rhythm of the music and immerse yourself in a sea of vibrant colours.

Get caught up in the infectious atmosphere, dance, laugh and enjoy the positive energy Holi has to offer. It is a unique opportunity to experience something that will awaken your senses and make you feel alive as never before.

So mark this date and get ready to welcome the land of colours, because summer in Jesolo will be an explosion of joy, fun and creativity that you won’t be able to forget. We are waiting for you to create together a new chapter of emotions and boundless happiness!

The start is scheduled for 3pm, and you will look forward to plunging into the festive atmosphere, surrounded by the unique emotions, colours and fun that only Holi on Tour can provide.

Please note that children under the age of 14 can ONLY participate if accompanied by a parent.

For children under 8, admission is FREE (only the accompanying parent pays)

Tickets available on ticketsms.it

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