IRONMAN 70.3 / Venice-Jesolo 2024

On Wednesday, 27 September, triathlon enthusiasts mark the date in their calendars, registration for the fourth edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Venice-Jesolo 2024 is officially open. This world-renowned endurance event is set for 5 May 2024 and is the first event on the IRONMAN calendar in Italy.

The last edition, held on 7 May 2023, was a huge success, with winner Jari Claes recording an outstanding time of 03:51:05. The race attracted athletes from all over the world, exhausting all availability a month before the event.

On Jesolo’s picturesque Spiaggia del Faro (Lighthouse Beach), the heart of the event, this famous competition will begin and end. Here, the entire IRONMAN 70.3 Venice-Jesolo village will take shape, hosting the registration office for athletes and an area dedicated to official event merchandising.
The importance of this race is tangible in the enthusiasm of the athletes coming from every corner of the world. They are the protagonists of this challenge that comprises three distinct disciplines. The route begins with a 1.9 km swim in the open sea, followed by an intense 90 km cycling section through unique landscapes, followed finally by a 21.1 km run in the Jesolo hinterland.

What is IRONMAN?
IRONMAN is one of the most prestigious and challenging triathlon competitions in the world. It is a multi-discipline sporting event that combines swimming, cycling and running, and participants must complete all three stages without significant breaks between disciplines.

When is IRONMAN held?
IRONMAN races are held at various locations around the world throughout the year. Dates may vary depending on the specific location of the event. Usually, annual calendars are announced with several Ironman races in different regions.

Where are the IRONMAN races held?
IRONMAN races are held in various locations around the world, with some of the most popular venues including coastal cities, lakes, mountains and scenic natural environments. These locations often offer unique challenges, such as swimming in open water, cycling on hilly trails or running through picturesque landscapes.

Why is IRONMAN so special?
IRONMAN is considered one of the ultimate tests of physical and mental endurance. Athletes participating in these competitions must prepare themselves for long hours of training and push their limits to complete the challenging distances of the triathlon. The event is known to attract top athletes, but is also open to triathlon enthusiasts who wish to challenge themselves.

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