“Jesolo Yesterday / Jesolo Tomorrow’ – Exhibitions at the JMUSEO

Until 30 September 2023, the JMUSEO in Jesolo becomes the stage for two extraordinary exhibitions that trace the extraordinary evolution of this location, going back from the dawn of the 20th century to its current celebrity as a popular tourist destination, as well as offering a fascinating perspective of the Jesolo of tomorrow.

Jesolo ieri: Resoconti d’altri tempi, a plunge into emotion and melancholy. From the early 1900s to the 1960s.
Through period postcards, artistic fusions and tourist promotion, the past comes alive again, showing the change in tourism in Jesolo: luxurious hotels and restaurants line the beach, but the essence lies in the joyful crowds of yesteryear, forerunners of today’s visitors. These pioneers shaped local history, a tale that endures unchanged.

Jesolo Tomorrow: State-of-the-art projections, reflections of the future.
The exhibition welcomes the many seasonal visitors to Jesolo, offering a compact view of its merits and characteristics through graphics, images and videos by authoritative representatives. This condensed presentation reveals the distinctive qualities and relevant themes that define Jesolo’s current identity. It also suggests perspectives and ideas on how these qualities might develop in the future, providing a glimpse into the possible path of the resort.

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