On living skin – How a catastrophe is constructed. The case of Vajont

The book ‘Sulla Pelle Viva: Come si costruisce una catastrofe. Il caso del Vajont’ by Tina Merlin casts a poignant light on the events that led to the ‘tragedy foretold’ that occurred exactly 60 years ago, on 9 October 1963. This extraordinary book not only charts the facts, but offers a profound and moving insight into the disaster that marked an entire generation.

On 8 September 2023, in the Piazzetta del Bersagliere (small port of Cortellazzo in Jesolo), Marica Rampazzo and Filippo Tognazzo of Zelda Teatro will narrate this story through an enthralling theatrical reading, accompanied by evocative music composed by Nereo Fiori.

The epicentre of the tale is divided into two poles: on the one hand, the small and courageous mountain communities of Erto and Casso, strenuously determined to preserve their cultural identity; on the other, SADE’s ambitious hydroelectric project, driven by a globalist vision focused on profit and the exploitation of natural resources. In the midst of this collision of interests, Tina Merlin emerges as a journalist from the Belluno area, characterised by an unwavering determination to investigate, understand and tell the story of two communities first transformed and then destroyed by a catastrophe that, in theory, could have been avoided.

Sixty years after the Vajont tragedy, the courageous investigation conducted by Tina Merlin continues to radiate its extraordinary force and provide a profound reflection on the complex relationship between humanity and nature, prompting us to meditate on the lessons of the past and the need to address the environmental challenges of the present and future.

The performance starts at 20:45

In case of bad weather it will be held on Monday 11/09, also at 20:45.

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