“The Sculptor of Love” by Simon del Grillo

The majestic towers of Piazza Drago in Jesolo warmly welcome Simon del Grillo’s extraordinary artistic exhibition ‘The Sculptor of Love’.

Until 24 September, those in search of artistic inspiration will have the opportunity to admire the works of this skilled sculptor. Simon has nurtured his passion for art since his birth and now wishes to share his unique perspective on life with the world, shaping materials such as marble and iron to create works that combine fragility and strength in a unique combination.

Simon’s sculptures catch the eye for their originality, presenting shapes and cuts full of symbolism that reflect his personal way of interpreting the world around him.

Through his art, Simon aspires to rekindle in each of us the feeling of innocence and purity typical of childhood, urging us to rediscover the true meaning of love. According to Simon, this feeling represents the core around which our existence revolves within the vast cosmos. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this extraordinary artistic journey, as the exhibition will remain open until 24 September.

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