Tropicarium Park Jesolo 2023

The Tropicarium Park is a fascinating, completely indoor zoo located in the central Piazza Brescia. This extraordinary park is housed in a wing of the Palazzo del Turismo and offers the opportunity to explore the wonderful animal world during a day of fun.

With a wide variety of specimens, the geological garden is an attraction suitable for both young and old. Here you can admire many animal species, including aquatic and land tortoises, geckos, saurians, amphibians and the impressive Butterfly Garden. There are also Magellanic Penguins, ever cunning and playful, and the new ‘biotope’ terrarium exhibits.

The Predators area is entirely dedicated to predators, offering the chance to observe fearsome and dangerous Nile crocodiles, Mississippi alligators and numerous sharks. Species that will leave the public speechless include bamboo sharks, hammerhead sharks and huge bull and lemon sharks. In addition, new biotope and Mediterranean tanks have been created, allowing visitors to get even closer to the marine world.

The area called the Aquarium is entirely dedicated to marine species, where colourful tropical and freshwater fish enchant spectators. Here you will find numerous fish specimens, such as the famous puffer fish, the venomous scorpion fish, different varieties of moray eels and much more. You will also be able to meet the feared piranhas and other fascinating aquatic creatures, thanks to the new biotope tanks.

The park is completely indoors and accessible to people with disabilities. The visit, which takes about three hours, will allow you to meet turtles of all species, saurians, butterflies, penguins, tropical fish, sharks, crocodiles and much more. It will be an exciting and relaxing experience for the whole family.

Photographs can be taken, but it is essential to avoid the use of flash.

Tickets can be purchased online directly from the websites or, or they can be purchased directly at the ticket counters without reservation.

The opening hours of Tropicarium Park are from 10:00 to 19:00 (last admission at 18:00) every day from 29 April.

It is possible to purchase a combined ticket that also includes access to “the Science Factory“.

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