Hotel for kids Jesolo

Jesolo, a popular destination for many families looking for a carefree beach holiday. And what makes this experience even more special? The children’s hotels along the coast, ready to welcome parents and children.

Jesolo children’s hotels are designed to meet every need. Inside there is a joyful and welcoming atmosphere, with spaces dedicated to children to play, have fun, and make new friends. The rooms are designed for comfort and convenience, offering a cosy refuge after a day spent on the beach.

These hotels pay a lot of attention to the services they offer. From customised menus for children, with tasty and healthy dishes, to entertainment and activities organised by professional entertainers, everything is designed to make the little ones smile and allow parents to relax.

The swimming pools, true oases of fun, offer moments of joy and relaxation for the whole family. The playgrounds provide moments of pure happiness for children, while parents can relax on sunbeds, enjoying the sun and the gentle sound of the waves.

Family hotels in Jesolo often also offer services such as baby clubs, professional baby care and babysitting services, allowing parents to enjoy a few moments of tranquillity and romantic relaxation.

Furthermore, the location of these hotels is ideal. They are located close to Jesolo’s beautiful beaches and not far from the ‘Caribe Bay’ water theme park, which will provide unforgettable thrills for young and old alike.

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