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The Development of Tourism

Skyline Jesolo

The history of Jesolo as a tourist destination began at the end of the 1800s, when the first bathing resort was established near Piazza Marconi. However, the first hotel – Hotel Aurora - was not built until 1928. The most intense era of tourism began in the early 1950s when the first guesthouses and hotels were opened in Jesolo, which transformed, year after year, from a village into an important tourist destination for tourists from Austria and Germania, but also all over Northern Italy. The enjoyment of visitors grew year after year together with their loyalty towards the resort, which increased in numbers and quality.  Jesolo developed on various levels: in its water supply, accommodation structures, the increase of all public services and its means of communication. This was accompanied by the creation and development of companies that supported the whole of the accommodation sector.  Summer after summer the resort grew in numbers, both in terms of residents and tourists. Today, with its 6 million visitors, it has become one of the most important beaches for Italian and international tourists. In recent years Jesolo has become not only a beach for families but also for entertainment, thanks to its international events. 

Jesolo Pineta nel 1970
Jesolo Pineta - 1970

Jesolo - Piazza Milano nel 1960
Jesolo - Piazza Milano - 1960

Jesolo - Piazza Milano nel 1960
Hotel Janeiro - 1960