Sand Nativity in Jesolo

Since 2002, the city of Jesolo has been celebrating Christmas and its magic through a fascinating and evocative work that each year amazes thousands of visitors from all over the world: Jesolo Sand Nativity.

Every year several sand sculptors are called upon to bring the Christmas spirit to life. True masters at an international level who, through their unique art, evoke tender memories in the spectator.

Each edition is linked to a topical theme and, since 2004, the exhibition has been accompanied by solidarity initiatives that, over the years, have contributed to the realisation of various humanitarian projects around the world.

The success achieved and the precious collaboration with the Patriarchate of Venice, has allowed, in 2018, the achievement of an extraordinary goal: the realisation of a spectacular sand nativity in an excellent location, the enchanting St. Peter’s Square in Rome. A nativity scene that left its mark in the hearts of thousands of visitors and tourists from all over the world.

In 2019, some sand nativity sculptures were exhibited in Matera, European Capital of Culture for that year.

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