Aperitif on the beach

What could be nicer than being able to enjoy the evening aperitif hour while still dressed for the beach?
In Jesolo you can! In fact, in Jesolo it is the rule. Have fun all day on the beach between a game of beach volleyball and a thousand dives into the sea, wait for dusk and end your day at the beach with a fantastic spritz, beautiful people and great music. Yes, because in Jesolo, all along the coast, for most kiosks Happy Hour has become a ritual. You can choose the atmospheres that are closest to your own tastes or discover unexplored styles, the important thing is to let yourself be involved in the highlight of the day, when making new friends and organising the evening becomes the most natural thing in the world.

But an aperitif on the beach is not only for those who seek fun and new people from their holiday.
Sitting on the sand with a cool cocktail in hand and admiring the sunset over the sea is a truly unique experience. And for the romantically inclined it certainly becomes a holiday moment for two not to be missed!

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