Medical Tourism Services

Safe holidays with medical tourism services. To make your holiday safer and free from worry, Ulss10, in partnership with local tourism professionals and institutions, has set up a network of health services aimed at tourists. In particular, these are outpatients surgeries (in surgeries located along the coastline, which are all recognisable thanks to the red cross on the sea symbol) offering basic medical services: visits at home and in the surgery, prescriptions, requests for specialist visits and medical certificates. At night, non-urgent services are provided by the 24-hour Medical Centre (in via Battisti 2, Jesolo).

For those with special needs and in order to plan a stay without interruption to essential medical care, dialysis and regular clinical checks are provided for tourists suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic bronchitis and pathologies requiring anti-coagulant therapy (call the Booking Centre on +39 0421-227100 to make an appointment). This obviously also includes Accident and Emergency services and all the medical care provided by hospitals in Jesolo, San Donà (+39 0421-227111) and Portogruaro (+39 0421-7641). Jesolo Hospital is located at 104, via Levantina. Telephone: +39 0421-388411.

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