The Palazzo del Turismo 

Jesolo’s Palazzo del Turismo is often thought of as the pulsating heart of the resort, as it hosts most of the large-scale events organised on the coastline. It is a futuristic steel, glass and light structure with a surface area of over 15,000 m² , deliberately organised into large spaces that are as flexible as possible.  In other words it is an area that has every possible service, equipped for specific activities and thus multi-functional and capable of being used for several events at the same time. Its size and flexibility are unique in Italy and it can be used for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, conventions, sports events, concerts and arts events. It is no coincidence that inside it offers exhibitions, a building affiliated with the Venice Casino and can host international-scale events.  These are not just concerts or sports events, but also theatre, thanks to its large stage that can accommodation extensive scenery, as well as important trade fairs, with two vast areas each with a reception corner, a large stage and sections reserved for displays. 

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