The Institution

Jesolo is a municipality with around 25,000 residents and over 5 million visitors each year. Jesolo is made up of Jesolo Paese, the Lido, Cortellazzo and there are also the outlying districts of Ca’ Fornera, Ca’ Nani, Ca’ Pirami and Passarella di Sotto. The exponential growth in visitors to the resort in Summer requires a concerted organisational effort in order to guarantee high quality services for residents and guests, attention to the environment and promotion of the local area. This is why the Municipality (the Town Hall is located in via Sant’Antonio 11, telephone +39 0421 359111) is organised into various sectors, divided into complex, simple and service-orientated units made up of the general management, institutional services and productive activities, tourism and economic development, public works, a one stop shop for the environment, maritime property, town planning, private property, social services and decentralisation. Due to this organisational complexity, the Municipality of Jesolo, has adopted business-style management models, including ISO 9001 certification for its internal organisation and ISO 14001 for environmental service management.

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