Cavallino Treporti

Cavallino Treporti is a municipality bordering Jesolo Lido, from which it is about 20 km away. Its geographic conformation is very interesting, it is in fact a peninsula – the Cavallino coastline – that separates the Venetian Lagoon to the north from the Adriatic Sea, while the river Sile separates it to the north-east from the municipality of Jesolo.

It is also easy to get there from Venice in about 45 minutes, thanks to an excellent ferry service that also stops at Lido di Venezia. Rides are available in the spring and summer period every half hour, except at night, during which the number of trips decreases considerably while still keeping the service available. The area is rich in history, tradition and nature. The beaches are still partly wild and free, surrounded by fragrant pine forests. It is the ideal place to go on a camping holiday, accompanied by a good bike or a desire to walk surrounded by lagoon and coastal nature.

Over the years, it has become an international tourist destination for nature lovers! A tourist resort of excellence, with as many as 28 campsites, most of them four-star, a few hotels and flats. Alternating wild beaches, a lagoon landscape populated by many species of birds, and vegetable fields have over the years made this place a destination for tourists who love a healthy holiday. It is the ideal place to jog, indulge in various outdoor fitness activities or indulge in meditation as the sun rises or sets over the sea and why not? on the beautiful, silent lagoon. But Cavallino also has other excellences. The inhabitants have exploited their land with cultivations that allow you to enjoy zero-km fruit and vegetable products, using the best traditional techniques combined with innovative ones that are more respectful of the consumer and the environment. The particularly favourable microclimate, then, has favoured an area with a high agricultural vocation, particularly as regards vegetables: tomatoes, radicchio, beans, aubergines, but above all the violet artichoke of Sant’Erasmo and the green Montine asparagus. Every Wednesday morning in Cà Savio, a hamlet of the municipality, there is the Farmer’s Market, where you can find fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese and sausages, either local or from the province of Venice. A small peninsula between the Adriatic Sea and the Venice lagoon, where the inhabitants have made the cultivation of excellent vegetables their enogastronomic strength. At this point, all that remains for the tourist to do is to sit down in the numerous restaurants along the coastline to indulge in the local culinary delights! Curiosities The name Cavallino originates from the use of this area for horse breeding by the ancient Venetians Blue Flag continuously since 2006

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