The Science Factory

The Jesolo Science Factory is a place where evolution is a constant, thanks to the presence of many new and exciting playful-scientific and interactive innovations within everyone’s reach. This space is a veritable container of instruments that invite you to discover physics, innovation, the forces of nature, energy, space, illusion, and much more. If you are ready to immerse yourself in a world of science and fun, La Fabbrica della Scienza awaits you with open arms!

The exhibition is divided into several sections, each dedicated to a different theme. In the physics section, you can explore some of the most exciting inventions and discoveries of great scientists and physicists who lived between the 16th and 20th centuries. Using simple, everyday tools that people have been using for centuries, you can discover the laws of physics that you deal with every day, from rolling discs to magic mirrors.

In the section dedicated to the forces of nature, you can observe a tornado up close, build mountains, measure the Earth’s strength and witness an exceptional volcanic eruption. Here you can discover the power of the forces of nature and immerse yourself in their beauty and grandeur.

The section dedicated to electromagnetism will allow you to have fun trying out instruments invented and built by famous engineers and scientists. Among the subject-related stations, you will be able to witness the amazing phenomenon of lightning with Nikola Tesla’s Coil.

The digital section will take you into a totally innovative and digital world, where you can enjoy unique and surprising virtual experiences that will stimulate your perception.

If you are a space enthusiast, the space section will make you daydream. You will be able to see the Earth from a spaceship, discover phenomena that occur, gravitational principles, the wonder of black holes and, in short, immerse yourself completely in the world of astronautics.

Finally, the upside-down house, one of the most entertaining sections, will make you feel like you are walking backwards. Illusion is one of the phenomena that make reality magical and fascinating, and here you can experience it first hand.

The mission of the Science Factory is to make science, physics and the reality that surrounds us simple and fun concepts, using interactive tools within everyone’s reach. The aim is to stimulate the scientists of the future, allowing them to delve into the fascinating world of science through play and fun.

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