Exhibitions to visit

A walk through the ocean where you can see tropical fish, but also 25 tanks containing 60 sharks from 24 different species, or a look at the ancient history of the whole Upper Adriatic. These are exhibitions in Jesolo. The Sea Life ocean tunnel will open in 2011. Located behind piazza Brescia, near the shopping centre and McDonald’s, it will allow you to discover fascinating marine life with a walk through the ocean, where you can photograph tropical fish and perfectly recreated marine environments. Also in piazza Brescia, at the Palazzo del Turismo, you can visit the “Shark Expo” containing various species, including sharks from the Zambezi, the only examples on display in Europe, the incredible bull sharks, but also the extremely rare hammerhead shark, the enormous lemon shark, the extraordinarily elegant zebra shark and two nurse sharks. Those who love natural history shouldn’t miss the museum of natural history behind piazza Trieste, with over 1000 square metres containing numerous collections. Over 20,000 exhibits of great historical and natural interest with a scientific-didactic display of all the most important fauna in the European and Palaearctic area. Inside there are also artisan relics, a teaching workshop for the non-sighted and differently-abled and a naturalist-scientific library.

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