Jesolo for the disabled – Nemo Beach

Nemo Beach Jesolo, an enchanting beach located in the heart of Lido di Jesolo, presents itself as an inclusive paradise. It offers over 300 pitches, each with unique furnishings, including relaxation and VIP areas. But what makes it truly special is the fact that it has 82 pitches dedicated exclusively to the disabled. The highly specialised staff guarantees an impeccable welcome and perfect assistance.

Nemo stands for space, relaxation, shade and the possibility of customising the beach experience just the way you want it. The facility has entered into an agreement with ULSS4 Veneto Orientale, enabling it to offer as many as 82 reserved beach places. Nemo Beach is a true national success story, a model of inclusiveness and accessibility for all.

Attention to the needs of each guest is reflected in the services offered: raised sunbeds, wheelchair pitches, Arjo passive lifts, JOB-OFFCAR wheelchairs, audio beacons for the visually impaired, fixed and movable 1.5-metre walkways, accessible changing rooms and toilets, and reserved beachfront parking. In addition, there are shaded areas and a free relaxation area to enjoy quiet moments. To ensure accessibility for all, Nemo Beach also offers remote interpretation in LIS (Italian Sign Language).

This beautiful beach embodies a new way of experiencing the sea, allowing everyone to enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience in Jesolo.

Jesolo Lido has integrated many services over the years to make the stay of citizens and guests with various types of mobility difficulties more comfortable. The seafront promenade has been reorganised, designed to be accessible even with wheelchairs. It is connected with many footbridges leading to the shore, and wheelchairs are available on the beach to move around on the sand and reach the water with ease. Wheelchair-accessible toilets have been built along the beach. There are also pavements and many accommodations suitable for moving around without difficulty. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusive Europa playground, surrounded by greenery and designed specifically for all needs, without the addition of unpleasant signs to highlight games or paths more suitable for one person with different abilities than another. The concept on which the park was designed is ‘Same Games-Same Smiles’! Here are some useful descriptions. Some games can be used without getting out of the wheelchair (sandboxes; chatty flowers; gazebo; active panels; etc.); others, on the other hand, allow the disabled child to exploit his or her abilities and physical resources to play while leaving the wheelchair (castle; small slide; horizontal net; grassy dune; etc.). Efforts have also been made to encourage the child’s autonomy by adopting measures that allow him or her to get in and out of the wheelchair on their own. The materials used for the flooring allow comfortable mobility even for children in wheelchairs, and the possibility of crawling on soft, draining surfaces. The sudden changes in the flooring induce wheelchair users to develop useful confidence and skills with different surfaces. The variations in colour and texture of the pavement, and the white circles painted on the dark surface, provide visually impaired children with useful information for finding their way around the play area and recognising areas of potential danger. The access floors resemble a staircase, but have wider steps, triangular in shape and arranged in such a way as to facilitate the ascent for those children who have the ability to crawl or use only their arms or other forms of different abilities. A child in a wheelchair who has the ability to do so can approach the access platform at the most comfortable height and from there move independently onto the playground. In short, in Jesolo welcoming and caring for people is a principle on which the city and its services have been built and continue to be built.

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