The Jesolo Towers

Jesolo is increasingly becoming a city on the sea determined to compete with the big international cities. The “Jesolo The City Beach” urban planning project, in progress for several years now, proposes a new vision of urban reality that maintains and promotes the right balance between environment and architecture for a better quality of life. Internationally renowned architects are called upon to develop their ideas on the basis of a master plan defined according to the criteria of the great Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. To date, three imposing luxury residential and commercial complexes have been realised at Lido di Jesolo called the Jesolo Towers.

Torre Aquileia stands in the very centre of Jesolo Lido, very close to Piazza Mazzini. The tower consists of 84 flats on 22 floors, in addition to the double-height ground floor, which houses the atrium, some commercial activities and a cafeteria. The relationship between the Torre Aquileia and the public spaces of Via Aleardi and Piazza Mazzini is mediated by the creation of a third square: the 2,000 square metre ‘Nuova Piazza Aquileia’, a space where shops, café and restaurant are located within a two-level commercial complex. The polygonal shape of the complex was designed to create “a real ‘window on the sea’, since all the flats have a view of the lagoon and the sea itself”, as the designer, Spanish architect Carlos Ferrater, declared during the inauguration to the press.

In the heart of Jesolo, just a few steps from the sea stand the two towers of Piazza Drago. They are 78m high and 21 storeys high, not far from the golden beaches of the seafront. This is a prestigious residential complex with a swimming pool and living solutions to meet a variety of needs. All flats have habitable terraces facing the sea. On clear summer days, one can see the beautiful Venice and often neighbouring Istria. The planners have provided a central stairwell and lift in both buildings with transparency, so that the entrance to Jesolo Lido is immediately struck by the play of colours that are formed at different times of day by the reflection of sunlight. At night, the design of the lights makes this place particularly striking.

The Merville Tower, on the other hand, stands in the middle of a pine forest park facing the sea. It consists of 24 storeys and is the central part of a residential complex covering 50,000 square metres in which there are also 6 individual villas, 19 shops and a large public park. Architect Gonçalo Byrne and landscape architect Joâo Ferreira Nunes, both Portuguese, designed the ‘Merville – House in the Park’ project.

The project allowed the recovery of 18,000 square metres of pine forest that had been in a state of neglect for years, enriching the exploration of the park thanks to a wooden path suspended in the air between the trees, through which it is possible to penetrate into the heart of the pine forest, among poplars and tamarisks. 

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