The Land of Giants

Immerse yourself in an unprecedented experience at the JMUSEO in Jesolo, where one of the most significant exhibitions on the Jurassic period and the evolution of the species awaits you.

Through an immersive tour, visitors will be transported to an ancient world, among palaeontological finds and incredible life-size reconstructions of hominids, extinct animals and dinosaurs.

This journey through time offers both adults and children the opportunity to explore breathtaking scenery, accompanied by interactive videos, lights and sounds that make the experience even more immersive.

Visitors will have the chance to meet up close and take photographs with extinct animals, such as the 13-metre-long carnotaur and other giants of the past up to tiny velociraptors. All reconstructions are made with extreme anatomical precision, faithfully respecting their authenticity.

Special attention is paid to the room on the evolution of the human species, following Darwinian studies, with the display of Charles Darwin’s faithful reconstruction. This section offers a unique opportunity to understand our evolutionary past and the complexity of life on Earth.

The JMUSEO is not only a place for exhibitions, but also a research centre, with laboratories housing important historical zoological collections, available to students and professionals for in-depth study.

In short, a visit to the JMUSEO in Jesolo is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the past of our planet, understand the evolution of life, and be fascinated by the beauty and complexity of nature. Don’t miss the opportunity to take this unique journey to understand our evolutionary past and the complexity of life on Earth.

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