Sand Sculpture Exhibition 2023 – Jesolo

This year, the Sand Sculpture Exhibition celebrates its 25th anniversary with a glittering 25th edition that will run until 24 September 2023. The event manifests itself through an exhibition entirely focused on Contemporary Art, constituting a project that grants the artist the free will to give vitality to his or her artistic conception by exploiting the intrinsic delicacy of sand.

Jesolo’s skilled artists, with their fervid creativity and virtuosity, are set to surprise the public, testing their skills in the artistic and professional fields.

The Artists and their Works

  • Susanne Ruseler (Netherlands) and David Ducharme (Canada): “The Circle of Life”
  • Radovan Zivney (Czech Republic): ‘Focusing”
  • Sue McGrew (USA): “The Modern Valkyrie”
  • Dmitrii Klimenko (Russia): “The Rap Battle of the Centaur”
  • Filimontsev Ilya (Russia): “Venus and Venice”

FREE Entry

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